Taxi Strike: Impacts of Covid-19 on the Industry

As South Africa battles with the economic impact of covid-19, many industries have reached out to the government for help. As we attempt to resume normal life, the taxi industry recently embarked upon a strike in across Gauteng. The covid-19 pandemic has seen lockdown...

Covid-19: Impact Of The Coronavirus On The Labour Force

The promise of 2020 was rudely interrupted by an unexpected invader that quickly introduced the world to a new level of fear and uncertainty, as it holds us all hostage in our homes. The covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the world. As we attempt to...

Summary Of Level 3 Lockdown Regulations

WHEN CAN I LEAVE MY HOME? You must remain at home at all times, except to: Travel to and from work Attend a school or learning institution once these are opened Purchase goods or obtain services that are allowed at Level 3 Exercise, between 6am and 6pm and not in...

Commercial Law: Protection & Legal Remedies For Your Brand

Your brand may be one of the most important things you own. It is what makes you or your business easily identifiable and it sets the tone for how potential clients or other brands view you. We will be assessing how branding plays a part in business as well as how...

The Guide to Getting a Divorce in South Africa

Divorce law in South Africa is governed by the Divorce Act, which sanctions the legal process in terms of which a civil marriage, a customary marriage, civil union or marriage concluded in terms of religious rights is dissolved by a court of law.   What is a divorce?...

Lockdown South Africa: List of Essential Services (Expanded)

The ‘essential services’ which will be allowed to continue working during South Africa’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown in accordance with the new regulations published by The Department of Cooperative and Government Affairs are as follows;    Medical, Health (including...

Best Remote Working Tools For Attorneys

The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting the lives of millions of people and businesses as the nation continues through 21-day lockdown.  Markets are closed, business operations have been halted, and travel has been restricted.   Along with social distancing, the lockdown...

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Lockdown Rules (Updated Daily)

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to affect on the South African population, the KHR Attorneys team has dedicated itself to providing you with the do's and don'ts of the 21 day lockdown, which we shall update daily. We aim to become a source of trusted...


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